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SFI has been chosen as the # 1 Internet Business by Top 9 as well as other business sites. SFI's corporate office, headed by founder Gery Carson, is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and is a member in good standing of the Southern Nebraska Better Business Bureau.

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I joined SFI because from all that I had read  on the websites and from  the testimonials ,I realized SFI was just what I was looking for. SFI is a  free home based job that I can fit in to my busy workday and grow a second income that one day could replace the income I have from my present business and give me a more normal life. I also would like to move to another part of the country and having a computer based business would give me the flexibility to do that without giving up my income and starting over.

I feel that anyone who is looking  to create a second income from a free home based job without having to give up their present job should take a serious look at SFI because it truly is  as good as what people are saying about it.That is why you should give it a try and see for yourself. If you are willing to work at it, you can have the  chance to get financially free and have the time freedom you deserve.

Learn all the details about the company and how to begin your home based job

I would encourage everyone to join SFI for the simple fact that it is a real income opportunity. Everyone can do SFI, regardless of your situation. The difference between impossible and possible lies in one's own determination. The training and resources are great. One thing about  SFI is that there is are actual contact people -- someone there to help you, to answer questions as you go along. Unlike other work at home offers, where you are on your own, with SFI you are  in contact with your  sponsor and team leader every week.

SFI is a way for you to start your own business and work your way up to financial freedom. This is not a get rich scheme. Unless you win the lotto, no where can you get rich over night. This does require determination and effort on your part, just as any other business opportunity would. Alot of people do not believe in themselve enough to start their own business. But please, don't hesitate, you will have a wonderful support team to guide you every step of the way.

If you register today you will not only be on your way to starting your own business, but you will be part a part of the Work At Home Team (WAHT). The WAHT, was founded by our Group Leader Tina, and the support you get from WAHT is unbelievable. We have our own Discussion Board available for all team memebers, so as you can see you will have a great deal of support and encourgement while you take your journey to financial freedom.

I imagine myself being able to live where I want to live without concern about having to live where the "work" is. I want to have the time to keep myself healthy and the ability to get out of debt and stay out of debt. I would like time to do some traveling whenever I like and to be able to do all of my income producing from my home office.  SFI will make these things happen for me and they can do the same for you!

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